H3 Pack FAQ

1. Where is my order?????

if your order has not shipped yet, your order is a [preorder] that ships in January/February 2023. an initial 2500 packs are in stock and will be shipping out the week of december 1st.

2. how do i know if i ordered within the first 2500!!

the first 2500 have been shipped, if you have not received a shipping confirmation your order will ship in January/February 2023. if your order says [preorder] h3 podcast x trdng booster pack 2 your order will be shipped in January/February 2023  

3. when are preorders shipping!!

all preorders will be shipping in January/February 2023.

4. how do i change my address!

please email hello@trdng.shop with "address change" and your order number in the subject line. if your order has not already been shipped we would be happy to help!

example: Order #123456 - Address Change

5. is the h3 podcast x trdng booster pack 1 a preorder?

we had some leftovers from our last release! all orders containing the h3 podcast x trdng booster pack 1s will ship the week of december 1st.

6. i ordered something else with my h3 pack! when is that shipping?

items will ship separately. any item that does not state [preorder] will ship the week of december 1st.

7. are customs charges, vat fees, etc. included in the price of shipping?

All international shipments may be subject to additional duties, taxes and other customs fees based on the destination country's taxes. Unfortunately, TRDNG has no control over this and are not responsible for these additional fees.

8. why is shipping to my country so expensive!!!!!!

:( we do everything we can to accommodate international customers but unfortunately international shipping is still very expensive post-covid. <3

9. will my order come with the gold prolapse card!!

maybe! there are 1000 gold prolapse cards in circulation and they are being randomly placed in our bubble mailers. gold prolapse cards will not be in the h3 podcast x trdng booster pack 2, they are in a protective sleeve outside of the packaging.

10. does every pack come with the same cards?

each pack comes with all 18 cards shown. they are not random!

11. when do preorders close????

preorders close at 11:59 pm est on December 3rd. after December 3rd orders will be going into production and we cannot accept more orders!

12. this is so cool. how do i get trading cards made of me or my channel?

thanks :) reach out to hello@trdng.shop !

13. something came up and i have to cancel my order :(

please email hello@trdng.shop with "Cancel Order" and your order number in the subject line. we cannot guarantee cancelations but will do our best to help!

Example: Order #123456 - Cancel Order

14. can i return my order?

unfortunately we cannot accept returns.

15. my order was returned to sender!

please email hello@trdng.shop and we will do what we can to help!

16. my tracking has been stuck for a while :(

this happens sometimes :/ reach out to hello@trdng.shop and we can look into it!

1. what do i do with these?? is there a game?

there is no game at the moment! personally, i have mine in a nice frame that i love hehe :)

i have a question you don't answer here!!!

reach out to hello@trdng.shop !